Account Services


We offer both personal accounts and corporate accounts. Customers are sent booklets of taxi chits bearing their account number. Chits are filled out and given to the taxi driver as payment. Drivers in turn submit their chits to us to be paid. We invoice the account holder (company or individual) once a month with a detailed statement of all trips taken. A small administration fee is applied based on the total amount charged for metered taxi trips. Invoices must be paid within 30 days.


No cash necessary: Pay your fare with taxi chits – they are fraud-resistant and easy to use. Employers, parents, etc. can supply chits instead of cash for better expense accountability.

One statement: No taxi receipts necessary. Account holders receive one itemized statement, giving

One invoice: Account holders pay for all trips at the end of the month. Invoices can be received by email or by regular post.


Do you have multiple users in your company or in your family? We can assign a booklet of chits to each user or group of users. Your monthly statement will show a breakdown of usage by each of these “fund centre”.


There is no cost for opening an account or receiving taxi chit booklets. There is a small administration charge applied to your monthly invoice.


To open an account, fill out an application form (choose To open new accounts above). Our account processing division, Taxitab, may do a credit check and may require your credit card details as security.

Blueline (Oshawa) – Credit Application Form

Blueline – Credit Application Form

Capital Taxi – Credit Application Form

Central Taxi (Belleville) – Credit Application Form

Central Taxi (St-Catharines) – Credit Application Form

DJ’s Taxi – Credit Application Form

Westway Taxi – Credit Application Form


Taxi chits are like blank cheques; they are valuable payment instruments and customers should keep them safely. We are not responsible for lost taxi chits.

Coming soon…
Account cards: Account cards: Account holders will be able to choose a card rather than booklets of taxi chits. Customers will charge the fare to the card using a PIN pad in the taxi. The customer receives a receipt from the driver, and an itemized invoice at the end of the month.